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It Started Off As A Hat For Streetwear

It started as a hat for streetwear, we never imagined what it would evolve to. We've now crossed over with a product which welcoming Parents, BF's, GF's and street heads alike gravitate towards to for a sense of fashionable self expression. We've been dedicated to products that represent lifestyle. We thought we nailed it when we started in 2012. After seeing this photo which we didn't personally shoot. Today... We nailed it. Merry Christmas &. Happy New Year

A Tribe Called Quest = POWER!

"POWER" Designed by Head Crack NYC for the Legendary group A Tribe Called Quest. Only 100 pieces will be made. Pre-order now before they're gone! 
ATCQ power t shirt
ATCQ power snapback
During the release party for "We Got It From Here, Thank You
For Your Service".  Q-Tip, Head Crack NYC C.E.O & Jarobi White. 
ATCQ q-tip Jarobi and Gliffics

Mr. Flawless & Head Crack C.E.O Bet Their Rolex In A Cee-Lo Game.

It's always good energy linking up with Mr. Flawless, I had just finished up future collections overseas, back in NYC, and I needed to talk with someone I trust about some bling investments I made. 
Who better than Mr. Flawless? A.K.A Mr. 6th Ave. (If you don't know what I mean by that, check out his gram @MrFlawless1 & You can say he's someone who really takes the risk and rolls the dice. Humble, with the right answers for my all Jewelry questions or needs. 
 Unfortunately for him, he didn't take my Rolex, and I didn't really want his anyways.
We played with the custom made, Marble "Head Crack" Cee-Lo Dice set shown below. 
head crack nyc mr flawless rolex cee lo dice
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