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Our Story:

Now that’s dope! More than just a play on words, Head Crack, stands for ultimate success and greatness. We’ve created the best dad hats on the market by not accepting failure. To sum things up, in the dice game “Cee-lo”, you get three dice. Rolling a four, five, and six represents an automatic win, the term for that undefeated roll is called, “Head Crack”. At any dice game, those are the words you’d want to shout after a roll.

You’d think we’d be running a casino or gambling ring with this concept, right? Roll again, because that’s far fetched from the truth. The dice does not just represent our will to win, simply put, we’re all in one big game called, “life”.

In this game of life, nothing worth having comes easy. Often enough, those who seek to become great, face many odds. Through chance decisions, rolling the dice is what separates the winners from the losers. Losers don’t take chances while the winners roll the dice every chance they get.

Choosing not to roll the dice can be a greater risk and loss if you really think about it. That’s what we call the “doubt” and, “what if” factor. Who want’s to go through life doubtful and wondering “what if?” Certainly not us, and we’d bet certainly not you.

Behind every success story, there’s a man or a woman who has faced chance decisions. Whether or not that person rolled a four, five, or six on the first attempt, is irrelevant. They’re already a winner because there’s the, “know” factor. Risk takers now know the outcome, and now know, “there’s another way to approach this goal“. Whatever goal that may be, is completely up to you to decide.

When it comes to life, if you don’t throw, you don’t know. Which inspires our mantra, “Life’s A Risk, Roll The Dice”.

For a winning lifestyle, a winning image, and a winning mindset.

Founded on the streets of New York, where if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

In a class of its own, recognized for quality, superior fit, intricate detail, and thought-provoking designs. Each of our Papi hats and dad hats are 100 percent handmade cut and sewn, this makes them the best snapbacks and dad hats on the market. Head Crack Inc. reflects the winning lifestyle worn by athletes, entertainers, and street heads alike.

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