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Endless Opportunities

Gliffics - Endless Opportunities Amir M Elshafiy

Endless Opportunities
Raised to value our lives, but keep our eye on the prize.
Endless opportunities for success.
The entrepreneur, knows what he wants and just how to get it.  
We lose to win, for you can’t appreciate winning, without first understanding losing.
The entrepreneur has no appetite for the the fruits of his labor, unsatisfied, already thinking of his next accomplishments.
The entrepreneur is not frowned upon for sacrificing his life - neglecting his lover, his family, his friends.
We applaud this man, for he’s a good role model.
He’s providing value; anyone would be selfish not to support his actions, for his actions are for them.
He’s not wasting his life taking a hike, for his goals are far much greater, climbing mountains one can only imagine.
Looking for love in the wrong places, the people ask him.
What's the purpose of life?
“Love what you do! Love life! Be happy! Spread joy! Spread love!”
Applaud this man, for he is right, this is the purpose of life.
As he reaches new heights, he begins to ponder.
“What’s next in this life? There must be more to it.”
The entrepreneur comforts his mind by reminding himself:
“I have not come this far, to say, I’ve made it this far”.
“My purpose lies after the lessons, for I’ve learned many. I am not living, to learn lessons.”
Applaud this man, for he is determined to be great.
Take it from him, to value our lives.
How does one live in the moment, when a better life awaits?
Awake from yesterday, to work today, for a better tomorrow.
A cycle of blind contradiction.
Tomorrow is not promised, for it’s an act of god to live ahead of oneself.
The entrepreneur, once a poor child, strives to give his family a life he didn’t have.
Priceless love, or a lack of it?
The entrepreneur looks in the mirror and asks god:
“What if everything I thought I was doing right, I was actually doing wrong?”
“Endless opportunities has become a life in a world, I don’t exist in.”
Time waits for no one, for clarity has never been so timeless.
Endless opportunities,
By, Amir M Elshafiy. 2/19/16