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Legends Never Die - In Loving Memory, Phife Dawg

The year I was born 1985. The year ATCQ was formed 1985. I was raised in queens, as was ATCQ. My first hip hop album; "ATCQ The Low End Theory. One of my best songs & live performances was titled Burgundy Walls, it was a remix to Phife's original "Thought U Wuz Nice" solo track - produced by Dilla. Backstage during the Yeezus tour nearing their set time, Phife and I talked and I mentioned I remixed his song. Without hesitation he took my headphones and listened to the whole track and gave me props. I travelled a lot with tribe and to this day it has been a true honor to have made a bond with them. Although my impression on Phife was not nearly as impactful as his career was to me, I will aim to impact others with what I learned from him. 

Now, If I may be unbiased for a moment, from the outside looking in. Let's put things into perspective for a moment. I do not see the latest news about Phife as a "loss". I see it as a huge gain to Hip-Hop and our well being. How so? I turned on the radio today, (which I never do anymore), I heard ATCQ. I surfed the web & social media, I read about how Phife/ATCQ impacted us as the people. In what many people see as a "distraught" moment in time. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with love, I fell in love again. 

Let's pretend I did not know of ATCQ before today, or that I did, but because of money and politics in the media and industry, my memory of them was faint. Today was a special day, it was a reminder to the present and future; This is whats REAL Hip-Hop, this is what's respected and considered legendary. I foresee Phife's passing as a rebirth to the pulse in Hip-Hop for the generations to come.

Lastly, he was a diabetic. It does not matter if I am, or am not one. What matters is, I became more health conscious today. The government is poisoning our food supply, the good food is more expensive, and the bad food is affordable. What really costs more? The non GMO, USDA Organic products, or the medical bills and our lives?

Do not misinterpret my thoughts as "Oh, Phife was not eating right". Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. The matter was not what he consumed, it's what he produced. Love and awareness. 

- Gliffics