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Don't Play With Fire!

Deep thinking

Many might agree, It's easy to get frustrated over almost anything. Debt, living pay-check to pay-check, bad relationships, unwanted mishaps/accidents, the list goes on.

What if for just one moment... You, or someone close to you who's going through a trying time. Embraces that moment, rather than being consumed by it?

It's easy to "react" to negative instances when we constantly "recite" them mentally and emotionally, talk about a bad playwright. Problems have solutions, we're not meant to cope, we're meant to embrace and carry on.

Easier said than done right? Looking back, reacting without logical reason is the greater challenge. The battle with our health, and well being. All of a sudden, life just becomes more to deal with. 

What if we take our next/current negative encounter, big or small, and accept it? Ask yourself, what's the positive in this negative? 

Someone once told me, "why look for a positive in a negative"?

I replied, "why look for a negative in a negative"?

Let's change gears. 

Someone had to get burned to learn, do not to touch fire. So why play with fire, when told not to? The answer is simple, we're curious people. Sometimes in the search for real answers, we get "burned".

Why get mad at yourself because someone told you not to do something and you did it? Now you got burned and have a lower self-esteem to go with it, wasn't that easy?

I use this analogy because we're also, imperfect people. Something so simple as not embracing, can leave a much deeper scar than what A&D ointment can treat. By all means, don't touch fire, but let's read between the lines. 

We need to first understand, then forgive ourselves and accept the fact that things don't always go as planned. Ever heard of "Change of plans? Getting "burned" was the greatest thing to happen to you, if you choose to see it that way. 

A mistake is more like a lesson, it's what shapes and molds us. However, with the wrong mindset, a mistake, unfortunately can break us. 

We're not in life searching for ourself, we become ourselves.

The choice is simple, the choice is life changing. 

Stay winning, 

- Gliffics